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feeling nothing at all [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Apr 2007|05:01pm]
i wish i can find someone with the answers to all my problems...
but i cant

but i am tired of this journal. i've had it for too long and i hate that i am getting a new one. but theres too many weak memories here.

add me if you wish. aLEObaby

i will still use this for my communities though... but delete me otherwise cause i wont update!
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[04 Apr 2007|05:36am]
Oh how I love hard ass days...

And ending getting fucked up. =)
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creepy is.. [04 Feb 2007|11:04am]
meeting me at a party & talking to me once.

then going home at 3 am and loging in on myspace.

only to find me but not even add me.

but, to send me a message about something so irrelevant.

ha! =[
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i underestimate... [02 Feb 2007|12:09am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

the power of best friends. I just got into this argument with Blair. Nothing big or anything, just another one of our fall outs. Partially due to some miscommunication, and partially due to my "if something is wrong i am going to hold it in and act all weird." Sometimes I wish the reasons why i get so angry or jealous is childish and stupid. But I cant help the way that I feel (typing then reading that last sentence over makes me feel like i am singing that song).

But seriously, I hate that I got mad because I text Danny once I got off work and was on my way home. Only to find out he was about to smoke with Blair. So I was a little irritated that I was not invited, so I decided not to stay home and sulk around. So I called Cassie, and she asked if I wanna smoke. So duh, I did! & she picked me up and that was that.

The next day, I guess I didnt wanna invite Blair because hey, she didnt invite me the previous day. (yeah, childish I guess?) So what did I do? Made plans to chill with Cassie and Travis and even called Andres to see if he wanted to come through too. Didn't even call Blair, till after. And she was a little butt hurt by it.

Then today, Cassie and I decided to start our Friday off early by celebrating and going out tonight. So Travis asked me about it too. So yeah, I texted Danny to see what he was about to do and he said he had had some weed and if I was down, and I said yeah. Then I get a text from blair, "THANKS FOR THE INVITE."

So we went off on eachother about this whole situation and I've decided that I am a piece a shit friend sometimes. My strengths aren't in arguing (unless I dont fuckin like the person and I dont give a fuck) or confertations. I dont like when people know my true inner feelings about a certain thing. So she got all made I just acted weird around her rather than talked to her about things.

FUCK, in conclusion... I guess I should talk about things that bug me. (then I guess I WONT EVER SHUT UP) I should really be more open with Blair about my feelings and shit. I just dont wanna make it seem like I am over reacting or I am childish. So I bundle my feelings up and end up hurting her.

Sometimes I think the way I do things are so unhealthy for me. Which makes me think I am so fucked up in the head. =[

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[23 Jan 2007|05:34pm]
pictures make me happy. especially when they capture a memory of something you never wanna forget.

pictureCollapse )

This picture makes me happy. Its Andres and I at the bowling alley about a week ago. He is only a friend of course, but we've been getting really close and I just love him! Nothing is going on between us but we just love eachother! this time around i am not really fond of things that are going on in my life, but look at this picture reminds me that someone out there loves me for who I am... <3

current annoyances:
- my credit card bills being so high
- working so much, yet nothing to show for it
- nicole making my work life so much more stressful because she talks shit about me to everyone
- my transcripts that may or may not make it to SJSU by thursday

dinner with danny tonight at CJ. talk to you guys later <3 hope everything with everyone is going good! and better than my life ! =]
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[18 Aug 2005|09:31pm]
wish me a happy birthday... PLEASE?

i am 19!! yay!!!
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[02 Nov 2004|11:34pm]
u think you're fuckin SLICK or something????

yeah thanks for sending ruben my posts you fuckin bitch.... i see how it is
dont ever fuckin talk to me again.

fuckin whore
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[18 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
hey its me formally known as leasie. I've changed my name cause I had too. I may keep the other one just in case people dont add me and I wanna keep in touch with them some how.

for now this journal is locked so add me if you want and I'll add you back! COMMENT!
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